New Prodcut this week 1/29/19

by Amy Konecny
on January 29, 2019
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Wow the holiday season was crazy, but a new year is hear and it's time I gave the blog a little love.  To start the new year off right I have added a pair of simple book earrings.


For a change I did not choose a colorful bead for the top, but a simple yet sparkly crystal bead.  This should make it easy to pair these earrings with anything in your wardrobe.  To be fair these where a custom order, but I thought you all might enjoy them too.



V    V    V    V

New Product This Week 11/3/16: Give A Hoot

by Amy Konecny
on November 03, 2016
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For the Month of November I am going to give a Hoot and embrace all things owl.

I have been for sometime wanting to make House specific owls for Harry Potter Inspired items.  After many drafts and several days worth of cramped hands I finally was able to come up with owls for 3 out of the 4 houses.  Subsequently I turned them into earrings.  The nice thing about the earrings is other than using the appropriate colored bead at the top unless you are in the know they are just cute owl earrings.


The first house that Success was found with was Hufflepuff. Wanting something small and cute and well relatively easy to draw cause I figured I would go through a lot of them it took a bit of time.  Believe it or not complicated is easier for me to draw... well the first time at least.



The Second house was Slytherin.  Wanting a Gothic feel freed me up to be as complicated as I wanted to be.  However after the first time drawing it my hand cramped up and was yelling at me for sometime so it was turned into a stamp as quickly as possible.  The nice thing about that is I can keep my prices reasonable.



The Last House is Ravenclaw.  It was the most simplistic to come up with since I tend to think about Ravenclaw as clean lined and classic.  So a picture of a real owl was found online and the silhouette was created.


Truthfully all the owls where turned into stamps because I wanted to keep the price at $12 a pair of earrings and really a lot of owls are used all over the place so there has been the embracing of as much lazy as can be gotten away with lately.


Hope you love the Owl Earrings all all the other owl related blog post this month.


V    V    V    V



New Product This Week: 6/23/16 Princess Bride

by Amy Konecny
on June 23, 2016
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The Princess Bride

According to google it is a fairy tale adventure about a beautiful young woman and her one true love.  But if you are like me it is so much more than that.  It is a movie about courage, facing amazing obstacles and overcoming them, never giving up, and making friends. 


But What really gets me with the movie are the amazing quotes.  As one of my friends said last week.  "Oh you like The Princess Bride do you?  Quote the whole movie."  And it's true I could almost have a conversations that was nothing, but Princess Bride quotes.  So in honer of my obsession.  I have added More amazing and Fun earrings inspired by my favorite movie.




...And the only thing Westley ever said was "As You Wish"  Really If there was a guy that was that hot in my life and the only thing he ever said to me was "As You Wish" I would not be wasting my commands on something as silly as getting a pitcher down for me.  Oh Buttercup you silly girl.


A quote that I use on a weekly basis. 

Hope You are just as amused my these earrings as I am.







New Product This Week 12/17/15: Little Blue Different

by Amy Konecny
on December 17, 2015
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Oh Their so small and Cute!

This week we have 4 new earrings.  You know some weeks can be pithy and other weeks not so much.  This week I'll let these little gems speak for themselves.




We have a whole line of small earrings so if your tastes run more towards the dainty then you should head on over to our Small Earring section.





New Product This Week 10/29/15: The 10th Doctor

by Amy Konecny
on October 29, 2015
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New Doctor Who Inspired Earrings!



Okay I actually added these earlier this month, one of my awesome customers really wanted.  What can I say I like making people happy.

David Tennant, The 10th Doctor is one of my favorite Doctors, it's a toss up between the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) ,The 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) , and the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) they all make me smile. 

For these earrings I have incorporated 3 elements that the 10th Dr. is known for.  3D Glasses, a Sonic Screwdriver (I know they are all known for that, but I really like them), and a pair of Conveners Sneakers so he is covered from head to toe (face, hand, feet)... tea-he I really over think these things.  Anyway if you are a big 10th Fan then these are just the earrings for you.  Hope you enjoy.









New product This Week 6/25/15: The Grayfriar

by Amy Konecny
on June 25, 2015
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 Warning If you have not read the Vampire Empire Series by Susan and Clay Griffith yet... First you really should and second this description may have some spoilers in it.

Oh Steampunk how I love you.  Below are the new products this week  made in honor of one of my favorite steampunk series it is technically the Vampire Empire series, but I always call it the Grayfriar after the first book and one of the main charters.  The colors of the bracelet are meant to invoke the cover art as well as some of the main colors in the book i.e. Grayfriar's cloak (gray) Adele's hair (red (red hair can have so many hues)) and of course the metallic for the steampunk elements (Iron and Bronze).   For the Charms I picked 5 elements that can be found in all 3 of the books.  The airship Edinboro, A book because they are all over the story in may ways, The Bloody Mouth with fangs covers all the vampires both good and bad, Lady with sword (the sword I drew was a Katana, but Adele uses many kinds of swords), and of course the all important cat Pet.  There is a cat in the story how could I leave him out!

The Earrings are Elements out of the books.  The book is meant to represent both Gareth's library in Scotland and Adele's library in Alexandra.  The Swards Woman and Vampire lips are meant to represent to lovers and there differences or maybe their similarity's.




Of course you don't have to be a fan of Susan and Clay Griffith to love the bracelet and earrings after all it is still very Steampunky, but it dose help.



Using Little Bottles as Charms

by Amy Konecny
on April 27, 2015
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I came across some small glass bottles with plastic stoppers a while ago and of course I had to buy all that I saw because they where just to cute.



They have been sitting around the house for a few years now because I was hung up on the idea that I needed real cork stoppers.   I have gotten over that idea; because really plastic stoppers will actually make the bottles air tight plus they work grate for the Zombie Virus (who would stopper a virus with a real cork stopper?), and have made several styles of earrings using the cute little bottles.





 I'm supper happy with how they turned out.

The Zombie Virus Earrings you can buy online the other 3 (Mermaid Scales, Fairy Dust, and Drink Me) at the moment are only available at shows....  if you email me because you "need"  one or all 3 of the earrings I can make them available,  I'm just being lazy.   If you have any ideas for other things to make out of these small bottles I would love to hear them.





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