Warning If you have not read the Vampire Empire Series by Susan and Clay Griffith yet... First you really should and second this description may have some spoilers in it.

Oh Steampunk how I love you.  Below are the new products this week  made in honor of one of my favorite steampunk series it is technically the Vampire Empire series, but I always call it the Grayfriar after the first book and one of the main charters.  The colors of the bracelet are meant to invoke the cover art as well as some of the main colors in the book i.e. Grayfriar's cloak (gray) Adele's hair (red (red hair can have so many hues)) and of course the metallic for the steampunk elements (Iron and Bronze).   For the Charms I picked 5 elements that can be found in all 3 of the books.  The airship Edinboro, A book because they are all over the story in may ways, The Bloody Mouth with fangs covers all the vampires both good and bad, Lady with sword (the sword I drew was a Katana, but Adele uses many kinds of swords), and of course the all important cat Pet.  There is a cat in the story how could I leave him out!

The Earrings are Elements out of the books.  The book is meant to represent both Gareth's library in Scotland and Adele's library in Alexandra.  The Swards Woman and Vampire lips are meant to represent to lovers and there differences or maybe their similarity's.




Of course you don't have to be a fan of Susan and Clay Griffith to love the bracelet and earrings after all it is still very Steampunky, but it dose help.