The Princess Bride

According to google it is a fairy tale adventure about a beautiful young woman and her one true love.  But if you are like me it is so much more than that.  It is a movie about courage, facing amazing obstacles and overcoming them, never giving up, and making friends. 


But What really gets me with the movie are the amazing quotes.  As one of my friends said last week.  "Oh you like The Princess Bride do you?  Quote the whole movie."  And it's true I could almost have a conversations that was nothing, but Princess Bride quotes.  So in honer of my obsession.  I have added More amazing and Fun earrings inspired by my favorite movie.




...And the only thing Westley ever said was "As You Wish"  Really If there was a guy that was that hot in my life and the only thing he ever said to me was "As You Wish" I would not be wasting my commands on something as silly as getting a pitcher down for me.  Oh Buttercup you silly girl.


A quote that I use on a weekly basis. 

Hope You are just as amused my these earrings as I am.