2016 In Review... Mostly

I know it's late January and I am only now getting the year in review done, but hay at least I am getting it done this year so I'll call this a win.  Though it's more of a highlight real than a true review (and more photos cause I like pictures they make me happy).

The year started with some sole searching and deciding that I would invest in costume made stamps so I could stamp out 1% of the charms I make instead of always hand-drawing them.  This was actually a bigger decision than you might think since I have prided myself on giving you truly handmade creations.  However after talking with several of my customers I came to understand that as long as the artwork is still my own, that the quality is still there, and I can keep my prices reasonable then it was all good.  So to all my wonderful Customers that talked with me about this (I was struggling).  I thank you and my Hand thanks you (hand cramps are a real thing).  Below are 2 of the items that are stamped instead of hand-drawn.



We launched out Hair Stakes in March and I even managed to get a few of them up on the web-sight.   This was both good an bad since they where a big success it meant we made more money (always a good thing) and our customers where happy.  The down part was I had to make more charms.


Since my parents retired to Florida; yes I know cliche, but we have lived there before and Mom is supper happy (In the winter she is always telling me that it's so cold it got down to 60 degrees, ugg) we did several con's down there and had lots of fun doing the Florida thing.



2016 also saw a change in the types of shows we do.  We changed from doing mostly Arts and Crafts shows and Festivals to doing mostly Con's.  This change came about because Tig and I just did not want to deal with the weather anymore and most Arts & Crafts shows are outdoors for a good part of the year while Con's are indoors all the time.  Oh blessed AC how I love you.  Also on the lazy side a 8 foot artist ally table is way easier to set-up, brake-down and travel with than a 10'x10' booth.  Indoors and easier I really Love Con's. 


Because I am really bad with keeping up with social media it was decided that the best thing to do was to add another social media outlet to my plate.  So we launched our Patreon page in May.  Actually it is really cool and would be more so if Tig and I could manage to actually post things on a regular basis, but that is 2017's goal.  The best thing about Patreon is that for all of you who just can't get enough of Subscription Boxes you can sign up for one there that will get you an Awesome Box of Jewelry each month with the latest items that I have created (it's really a padded envelope full of jewelry not a box), along with a bunch of other goodies.  I'll go more into how to get an Awesome Box of Jewelry in February.  For now check out our Patreon page for blog posts that can only be seen there and other fun things.

I realized that Reidsville actually had Sidewalks and I could get from my house to the Post Office and only have to walk on the road a little bit (no really this was a surprise since the sidewalks in Reidsville are very random and few).  Along with eating better the walks to the Post Office helped my lose 32 pounds 2016.  So if you think about it your online orders are not only helping my bottom line and giving you awesome jewelry it's helping me lose wight.  Thanks again to my awesome customers *Big Smile*.  Below is one of the cool houses I see on my walk.

Okay  I know I did more last year, but my brain is mush and can't think of anything else. 

2017 will have lots of changes and new things to blog about so keep watch and I will post regularly-ish.  I will be changing to only posting on Monday's.  This is mostly because posting 2x's a week is quite the struggle for me and I end up messing more than I should so hopefully with the decrees in pressure I will actually post more.   You know because I hate talking and just can't think of thinks to type... no really I'm all shy and reserved *looks left, looks right* no really it's true.

Have any thoughts?  Please leave a comment.


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