So Happy to be Home!

It was quite the adventure to drive all the way to Las Vegas and back and I am most happy that I will not be doing that trip for another year.  Here are some of the things we did on the way back home.  If you follow us on Instagram you have most likely seen many of these pictures, but some will be new.

Got to see a lot of beautiful vistas.


 Ran into a crazy ton of Dinosaurs


We left early on Monday so we would have the chance to drive trough the Petrified Forest.  Wish we had made it an even earlier day because the 3 hours we had where just not enough it was all just so beautiful and amazing.



 Had a brief run-in with a bear.  Could not decide if he was giving me 5 or trying to crush me then eat me.  He looked happy so it could go either way.


Got our oil changed at this amazing little shop in Shawnee Oklahoma.  It's called Kwik Kar and If you ever find yourself in the area I would defiantly recommend stopping by.  Super Clean, Super nice, and fast.  What more could you ask for.


That Night while still in Oklahoma we stayed at a Best Western... Not normally a chain I frequent because well I'm a snob and like to actuality sleep when traveling.  I did not get a picture of the room, it was around midnight when we checked in and I was completely Knackered.  The room was so cute, it was like going to a friends house where they have a room set aside just for visitors (yes I know it's called a guestroom).  Even the food at breakfast was well made. not just microwaved eggs and bacon, it was real food, they even got the oatmeal right (I am a total oatmeal snob so this almost never comes out of my mouth). So if you are traveling out west and find yourself around Weatherford, OK  drive the extra distance and stay at this cute hotel.


Okay this is the end of the photo dump.  Hope you vicariously enjoyed our trip to Vegas and back.


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