It's road trip time for us and one long drive out to Las Vegas, NV 

Sorry for not getting this up on Thursday I was just to tired after the long drive.  I am writing this up on my phone while Chance takes his first time behind the wheel for this trip.  Please excuse any interesting typos. 


We left bright and earily Monday morning and drove for 3 very long days to get out to Vegas.   Below is a photo dump of out trip.


We where welocomed to a lot of states.


Stoped at a lot of rest stops.  This one was in Texas .


Crossedover the continual divide. 



Droped by the visitors center for the petrified Forest.   Plan on doing the whole drive on the way home.


Made it to Vegas late at night after 3 full daya of driving .  This is a pictue from the 57th floor of our hotel... not the floor we where on

We plan on taking a more leisurely drive home... all of 4 days.  

I will most likely post on Friday.  Have a safe and wonderful January till then.