Aqua Sea Bracelet

Sand, Surf, and Sea is what springs to my mind when I think of summer.  So when I was putting together a bracelet to add during the summer I had to go with that theme.  I'm branching out a little from the norm for an Adjustable Bracelet and going closer to what an Art Bracelet looks like, but since I'm not putting any Art Bracelets up on the website for the simple reason that they are all one of a kind and I'm to lazy to take the time to clean up a picture for a one of a kind I split the difference and just made a fancier Adjustable Bracelet.  This bracelet is A-symmetrical has a very large aqua blue bead in the center (about an inch long) 3 other blue beads in varying hues of blue, size and shape and a 1/2" square pewter bead with a flower pattern in the center.  It also has a oval silver pate ring with a pewter shell charm hanging form it.  It just makes me thing about running in the surf on a fine summer morning.