Just a little bit ago I got an order in the mail.  This is not unusual I get a lot of things in the mail mostly business related, but somethings are just for me.  In this case it was something just for me.  It was not anything amazing just a T-shirt, but the packaging really wowed me.  It also made me realize that I was not giving you anything like a cool experience in unpacking your order.  Oh wow a brown padded envelope how cool.  Not.  So I put my brain to work (yes there was smoke, it's been a while so the gears where rusty) and thought what I could do to wow you.  I'm cheep so this meant nothing in the way of expensive packaging, but surely I could do something.   So I pulled out my sharpies, stamps, and permanent inks and got to work.



The front I did not do to much to since the Post Office dose not like that and I do want the packages to get safely to you.   Most of my crazy went on the back.



After I dressed up the boring brown padded envelop to something that was eye catching.  I thought about some of the cool things I had seen in packages I had received and looked online for some neat ideas. 

The first and easiest thing was to wrap your order up in some colorful tissue paper.  That was simple enough and it really did make it just a little bit more fun.  However I wanted more

Next I found cards of varying kinds (at yard sales, I did say I was cheep).  I usually would add a note to the invoice because I always enjoy the personal touch so I figured you would also, but now I have cards to put my notes on.  So much more fun.  Yet I still was not happy I wanted even more WOW or perhaps fun.

So online surcharging happened and I found a great idea that was fun, silly, and cheep all things that are up my ally.  Yes, yes I know gift with purchase is an old idea, but this was a twist on that old idea.  Instead of giving you something that makes scene how about small and random?



So now when you place an order you will get an envelope stuffed with strange but fun goodies.  You might get a bookmark made from a pasta box, and some googly eyes, a trivial pursuit card, and fake money from a Star Wars Monopoly game.  Or you might get a balloon, a button, a postcard made from a 12 pack soda case, and a playing card from Star Wars Monopoly game  (I found the game at a yard sale thinking "cool looks like fun", but to much was missing so now I'm sharing the love with you.  Who knows you might get the Millennium Falcon or a Stormtrooper.).  Or there might be something completely different in there.  Like Candy, Stickers, and a Hand-Made note pad.  It's all a bit random, but hopefully fun.

If you like what you get let me know or Better yet share the experience with your friends on Facebook, Twitter,  Pintrest, or what ever social media you like best.

Right now the gifts are in envelopes with a hand written saying on the front "A Gift For You Because Your Awesome!" and a sticker on the back, this will most likely change after I get some feedback. 

---- Your Awesome gift was funny. The green button and get out of jail card are definitely two things everyone should have.   Helen from CA.




       Customer comment.....

How cool! I love the randomness of your gift-with purchase stuff. I’m curious, what is that pink thing in the picture with the “5” and foreign writing on it?  -Viv                                          Answer: Star Wars Monopoly Money