Beautiful Kanji, Earrings

I have been picking up bits and pieces of Kanji (one form of Japaneses writing) for years.  I could of course blame my brother for this, as the younger sibling I have had years of practice doing this and it would have the advantage of being partly true, it's a hobby of his.  Or I could blame the vast quantity of Anime  and Manga I have absorbed (Japaneses entertainment), and this would also be true.  Maybe I can fob this off on one of my many friends that took Japaneses in collage, witch sounds cool so it's a fun one to go with.  However I'm guessing it's a combination of all 3.  For what ever reason I have been making a lot of charms with Kanji on them with English translations (very small) underneath.

This pair of earrings has the Kanji for Beautiful, witch is lovely to look at as just a shape.  The English translation is at the bottom. I used one of my favorite colors as the top bead.   I was going with the logic of a lovely bead for a lovely word.