Soot Ball Earrings

Little Round(ish) with small eyes what could they be?

 Soot Balls or Soot Sprites in Spirited Away and a few others films, are some of the most adorable supporting characters from Studio Ghibli.  If you have not see it I completely recommend doing so.  Last time I checked you can even rent it out of your local Redbox... or at least my local Redbox, fun for the whole family.  

All that being said it's no wonder I just had to make these earrings inspired by the precious Soot Balls.  

If you are not into anime, but think they are still to cute, tell your friends their buttons.  I don't know why since they have an iris, but several people have told me that in no uncertain terms that is what they are... and frankly as long and I'm getting your money, who am I to disagree.