New Charm Art

I am always adding new art to my catalog of work for charms.   A lot of it is nice, fun, and useful, but fairly mundane.  However I have made a few recently that have had me giggling so I thought I would share them with you.


The first two are cat's with wine for the "Cat-A-Tonic" Funky Bracelet.  I have for several years just been putting normal cat's and normal wine glass charms on the bracelet, but for 2016 I thought it would be amusing to have the cat's drinking.

The cat on the left is a nice socialite kitty enjoying a glass of wine at a cocktail party.    The cat on the left  is drowning it's sorrows at a bar and has had one to many.  yes I know,  I really over think these things



This next picture is of a sheep dressed up as a butler.  Now you might be saying to your self "okay that's cute, but Why?"  The reason for that is because I love puns.  In Japanese Shitsugi = Butler and Hitsugi = Sheep, only one letter different.  Hence the pun of a sheep as a butler.

The sheep/butler is caring a tray, but when I cropped out all the wasted space to save it, I cropped it a little to close and cut off the edge of the tray... oops.  Not really a big deal since I only use these pictures as a guide when I hand draw a charm.


When I come up with more charms that send me into a fit of giggles I'll share them with you.