So if you have been keeping up with the blog you know Tig and I are spending the month of July in Florida for work/shows.   However we have made sure to enjoy the sights as well.  Today we had fun at Disney with our friend Emily.    So withou further delay here is a photo dump of our fun filled day in the Magic Kingdom.

Tig and Emily where so excited that they where leaving me in the dust.



Tig don't be like Elsa!  Don't Let It Go.



We got to meet Gaston and have a drink in his bar... Tig and I went all out and split a water.  Then we where total dorks and took turns sprawling in his seat.




Being that this is Florida in July we had to wait out a few rain storms.


Because of the rain the Main Street Parade was canceled,  but we where able to watch the Rainy Day Cavalcade 


 We are great at multitasking so there was some playing of Pokemon Go while on a ride.




Sence we are total adults there might have been a carousel ride.

Did you know that the inside of Cinderella's Castle  has amazing murals in it?


We had a really fun day.  Hope you enjoyed the photo dump.