So Tig and I took the opportunity to go to Universal Studios with our friend Emily today.  It was a total blast.  It is now the end of the day and my brain is on total overload so I'm going to give you a photo dump today.

We started the day a little late because we had a 2 hour drive in.  Supper glad we did since we closed the park down.


 From left to right... Tig, me (Amy), and our wonderful friend Emily.   In front of the Hogwarts Express. 


The Night Bus.  Yes we spent most of the day in the Wizarding World.  Why do you ask.


Emily and Tig where playing around with the stuffed animals  in Magical Menagerie, the wizard working the store photo bombed us.  What a blast.

Tig was so good at getting her wand to work.


 We had a great day.   We finished the day at Cowfish a sushi/burger bar.



Hope you enjoyed our fun day.