This month as been Crazy Busy.

Mostly I have been making a LOT of custom orders.  It's normal for me to work most of January on custom orders that have built up over the last quarter, but this month as seen a large number as well.  It was unexpected and different, but not unappreciated. I have also added more new funky bracelets to than normal for a month so I have been spending a lot of time creating new art.  It's a good thing, but when you are....

let me digress for a moment and get all technical.  Most people are either dominant in there right brain or left brain.  This means that the Left - Artistic side of there brain or the Right - Math and Logic side of there brain is what is most dominate in that person.  However I have the rare and really cool for me dual hemispheres witch means I'm usually good at both creativity and logic plus until I broke my left arm as a child was ambidextrous (I can still use my left hand for most thing that I had learned up to that time, but I have to think about it).  However one of the interesting things is if I spend to much time focusing on one side of me (creativity or logic) the other side suffers.  So if I spend a lot of time doing nothing, but office work and making schedules, appointments, or just solving problems my ability to create artwork goes down and I have to really struggle to make anything interesting.  On the other hand if I spend a month immersed in creating new art my ability to keep up with anything mundane like actually getting the finished product to my customers on time, paying bills (thank goodness for reminder emails), or general office work becomes the struggle and I turn into the typical scatter-brained artist of story and legend.

All this means is that I did the scatter-brained artist thing and only posted one blog this month and forgot to send my customers pictures of the finished work, so bracelets that where ready to go sat around for an extra week because WOW it's amazing none of my customers have the ability to see the images I don't send them.  Who would have thought none of the lady's where psychic. It also means that I had a LOT of fun coming up with new Funky Bracelets ideas like the one below...



I did the whole line so there is Kittendor, Sloberin, Flufflepuff, and Bearclaw.   I also now have a Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Maleficent, Boba Fett, Weasley Twins, I Love Lucy, and a few others.  I am still working on a Zelda Breath of the Wild and 2 other custom orders.  As I said it has been a busy month. 

So I have a question for you.  Do any of the above new Funky Bracelets make you squee and should I and any of them to the website?  Let me know what you think.  You can just comment on this post, send me an email, or message me on Facebook or Patreon.

Once I get the rest of the Custom Orders cleared up I will only make One new funky bracelet next month so hopefully things will go back to normal and I'll post every Monday.  Fingers crossed.



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