Walking To The Post Office

As I'm sure many of you know I live in the Southeast and we where suffering form a severe gas shortage last week.  Because I don't have any shows till the end of the month that was not as big a problem for me as it was for many others.  However I decided to do my part and not use gas that I don't need to and have been walking to the post office instead of driving. Believing it would be troublesome it was not something ventured before, but once I did it the first time I discovered that there are sidewalks most of the way and the distance is actually shorter than my normal daily walk.  Only 3.5 miles as apposed to 4.25 miles so all in all a fairly easy walk. 

Reidsville has a fairly spastic approach to sidewalks so the fact that they where available for most of the walk came as a large surprise, but a most welcome one.  The route takes me past churches, Dr. offices, the YMCA, Garages, Banks, and lots and lots of houses.  Keeping with the spastic nature of my town the houses range in shape style and upkeep.  Below are a few of my favorites either because of how well they are kept up or it's run down nature is interesting to look at.







All but one of these houses can be found on the same street.  You can find these gems right next to a 50's style row house, a burned out lot or a run down home. 

Because I have been so happy with the ease of this walk I will continue on walking your orders to the post office, provided the weather is not horrid.  This will be good for my waist line and good for the environment.  I just wish most places in this town where as easy to walk to.


Now enjoy your shopping with the happy knowledge that your order will be at least in part sent to you in an environmentally conscious way.


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