Kiss Kiss Fall In Love.

This bracelet is inspired by one of my all time favorite anime's "Ouran High School Host Club", it has Instant Coffee "Wow I've heard of this it's Commoners Coffee", Tea, A pink bunny for "Usa-Chan", a brown Bear for "Teddy", and of course Music Room 3 where much to Haruhi's distress is where she found the Host Club not a place to study.  The colors of the beads are representative of the school uniform, both male and female. 

This bracelet has been on my to add to website list for over a year now, but well you know stuff happens.



One of the things that makes me so happy about this bracelet is that Vic Mignogna; the voice of Tamaki, has sighed the Teddy charm for our customers.  Witch kind of makes me fan-girl.

I am really into anime, but lots of people who have never seen anime before think this one is just to stinking cute.  And they are right.  So if you have not seen it before I highly recommend watching it.  If you are a fan-girl like me then you are most likely be doing a happy dance in your seat wanting to get this bracelet, and that is good cause I want your money.


Happy Shopping.



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