For all the K-Pop Fangirls out there I present a very honest pair of earrings.


Tig and I are seriously into K-Pop and I have found the smaller the fandom (in your area) the more crazed the fans are.  Well we K-Pop Fangirls though we span the world with our favorite Idols are not all that heavy on the ground State side, so we tend to stay true to the for mentioned model and really don't do calm.  So if you a Big Bang V.I.P, are a member of the BTS Army,  are a Vixx Starlight, or are a fan of any of the other amazing K-Pop groups share your love with the world, in a low-key way with these fun and super honest earrings.

What is your favorite K-Pop group?  Comment below I would love to hear about it.



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