I'm Not Crazy My Reality is Just Different Than Yours, Earrings

I Love Alice in Wonderland Quotes I mean really love them and my favorite character to quote is the Cheshire cat who is just full of sass.  "I'm Not Crazy My Reality is Just Different than Yours" is one of the Cheshire Cat's quotes and basically sums up my life.  I actually made these earrings months ago, but kept on forgetting to take a picture of them.  oops.

Here is an interesting note about the beads I used for this earring.  The beads are made out of what is know as Hurricane glass.  To create this glass they swirl several colors of glass together making no piece of glass identical to the other.  This means each bead is just a little different witch totally works with this quote and the reason I used this bead.  Over they years I've used a LOT of Hurricane glass, but have restricted it's use to Bracelets.  This is the first pair of earrings that I can remember in 18 years of making jewelry that I thought that I could get away with the earrings not matching and that makes me really happy.

Hope you like the earrings and if you have any thoughts or comments please share them with us.


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