Island Princess Saves the Day

Finally something new on the website it's been like a month since anything was added.  An Island Princess bracelet.  One of the many things I love about the new (you know not from the 50's) Princesses is that they are independent and capable and don't need a prince to come save them.  Moana saved China, well okay her small kingdom in what is now part of China, but still a real person and totally bad ass.  This Princess/future ruler of her people saved the entire world with a Chicken and self absorbed fallen demigod that she had to basically force to do the right thing.  Now this is a woman we should all aspire to be. 

Now this is the first batch of this bracelet and it's a little special.  The coral colored beads are Real coral.  These beads have been sitting around my studio unused for over 10 year, but I have a vague recollection of having them before I even started my company so they could be more like 20 year old.  Since they are so old I will not be getting more of this bead therefore once it is all used up they will be no more. The second cool bead is the coin shaped bead.  They are made from real shell chips suspended in resin.  These are also beads I've had for awhile not 2 decades, but awhile and I'm unsure if I'll be able to replace them.  The last cool beads are the large hearts.  They are actually Vintage German Acrylic beads witch means they are at least 25 years old and probably not being manufactured anymore.  I said all this to let you know that once the first batch of these bracelets are sold I will have to rework the beads and it will look quite different and frankly just not be as special.  So if you would like to get one of these super special first run bracelets you'll need to get them soon (okay I hope they sell soon that would be super cool).


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