You have see House Kittendor , now it's Flufflepuff's chance to shine.


Flufflepuff is my FAVORITE Harry Pawter house.  I mean really how can you go wrong with a mash-up between Hufflepuff and Bunnys.  I did all the houses and had a blast making all the house crests.  If you look very closely you'll notice that they all have a  shape representing the animals for each house and that is just the basic shape of the crest.  You'll also notice that the Bunny with the house scarf on is holding a carrot shaped wand 'cause these little details really amuse me.

Once again because I was having way to much fun with this bracelet I added a lot more words to the description on the sales page, here is an excerpt..."If you have been sorted into house Flufflepuff (the best house there is) and the idea of a good  day is getting conformable on your favorite cozy chair with some fresh backed cookies, a glass of milk to wash it down, a good comic/novel/show, and a stick to hit the person that is bothering you while you are so happily engaged (or possibly a squirt gun, or jar of glitter, oh or more cookies because if their mouth is full of yummy goodness then its all good)?"  Now you might be wondering why would a Flufflepuff be contemplating violence?  Well that is really easy, even though all Flufflepuffs are easy going and really prefer to have fun and relax life they are not fond of people that disturb the peace for selfish or unfair reasons and will work to keep miscreants in there place and happiness and peace in there and there friends/family's life.  You will often find Flufflepuffs working for the grater good as Teachers, Firefighters, Military Personal, Doctors/Nurses, Vets, or working for or volunteering with Charities.  We also really like hugs, and most of us like cookies and ice-cream.

Sorry this was posted so late for some reason it just did not go live

What house are you?  Kittendor, Flufflepuff, Bearclaw, or Slobberen 



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