May The Force Be With You Math Pun Earrings

I love a puns and math puns are some of my favorites also I'm a gigantic nerd.  So naturally I had to combine one of my favorite fandoms with math. 

Now I did okay in math during High School, but was not so good as to be a math Olympiad or anything even close to that. When these earrings debuted some of my first customers to notices them where a couple that worked for NASA (the show was in Dearfield Beach, FL).  The gentleman was amazed that I had not used the abbreviation for the formula, but the whole thing and it right.  He was not trying to be condescending at all it's just unexpected that a Jeweler would get a math equation right and not use the more commonly known and used abbreviation.  We chatted for some time and I must admit to you that I was very please with myself for getting it right and also the reason I did not use the abbreviation was I had forgotten it.  It's amazing what will stick in your head.  The funny thing is this formula stayed in my head for over 25 years, but as soon as I turned it into a pair of earrings my brain said "well we don't need to remember that anymore since you have a reference sheet to check".  Now if you asked me what it was I would draw a blank unless I was actively looking at the formula.


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