Hey there gang! Sorry this is kind of a late blog entry, but I was busy setting up at HeroesCon today and my brain has borderline become pudding. You can find me in the Artist Alley this weekend at table #2101! Make sure you come by and check out the amazing new hair stakes and other goodies I'll have! Here, have a map so you'll know where to find me:

But wait, there's MORE!

We know a lot of you LOVE our ideas and what we do and are all ways giving us great suggestions and wanting us to do all the crazy ideas that we keep talking about. But we never have the time! Or more specifically, Amy doesn't have the time. Between making our own product and doing 3 or more shows a MONTH, new ideas and products often get pushed to the back burner. The solution? Patreon!

Patreon is a great website, inspired by crowdfunding, but allowing for more consistent and regular support for those creative types where a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign just doesn't quite fit their needs. Patreon allows you to support an artist on a monthly basis instead of in just one go. Regular support like this means your favorite artist has more time to do the things that they've pushed to the back burner because they still have support coming in. Supporting us monthly means that Amy can start scaling back her weekly work load and, with enough support, begin scaling back the number of shows that she has to go to.

We have set up some fantastic rewards over on Patreon for monthly supporters, including supporting us for as low as a dollar a month. What does that dollar get you? Well, as you know, we have a LIST of funky bracelet theme ideas that we have sitting around in the works. Supporting us at a dollar or more a month means that you get to vote on what bracelet theme you'd like to see us do next AND you get to submit your ideas for what you'd like to see us do next! Think we should do a pink power ranger bracelet? Support us and you'll get to put your idea on our list and then vote! Rewards go all the way up to include a monthly jewelry box subscription as well as the ability to become an OFFICIAL AWESOME CARD carrier. Go on over there now and check it out!

That's all for now guys, hope to see you this weekend and please, consider supporting us on Patreon!