New Prodcut this week 1/29/19

by Amy Konecny
on January 29, 2019
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Wow the holiday season was crazy, but a new year is hear and it's time I gave the blog a little love.  To start the new year off right I have added a pair of simple book earrings.


For a change I did not choose a colorful bead for the top, but a simple yet sparkly crystal bead.  This should make it easy to pair these earrings with anything in your wardrobe.  To be fair these where a custom order, but I thought you all might enjoy them too.



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New Product this week 10/29/18: Snowmen Earrings

by Amy Konecny
on October 29, 2018
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Let it Snow

Snowmen earrings are here for the holidays.  Enjoy the fun of having snowmen around without getting all cold and wet with these fun and sometimes silly snowmen. 





If I'm super on the ball I'll add some Geeky Snowmen for next week, but don't hold your breath.



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New Product this week 10/22: You're A Mean One

by Amy Konecny
on October 22, 2018
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You're A Mean One....

I made both Earrings and a Bracelet for this super grumpy Christmas Monster from the classic children's tale.



Hope you git a kick out of them and that they make your holidays brighter.




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New Product this week 10/1/18: Edgar Allen Ho

by Amy Konecny
on October 01, 2018
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I'd Tap That Chamber Door"


Introducing my Edgar Allan Ho bracelet.  I have a real love for Sass and Crossovers and this bracelet gets to be both and I mean really who would not love to have an Edgar Allen Poe / Stripper Crossover bracelet. 

I've seen lots of Edgar Allen Poe merch out there and it's all cleaver and some of it is even a bit sassy, but for the most part it's on the serous side and I am not very well antiquated with serous.  This bracelet actually took me 10 months to figure out.  I knew that it had to have Edgar in a Party Dress, a Stripper on a Poll, and it's name "Edgar Allen Ho" as charms, but the last 2 charms got changed around quite a bit until I settled on the Raven with a G-String in it's beak and the charm that reads "I'd Tap That Chamber Door".  I need to give my Patron Jamie and her husband all the credit for helping me figure out the last 2 charms.  They where a wonderful sounding board and helped me focus my very scattered mind.  This bracelet has only been around for  2 months, but I'm having trouble keeping it in stock so I uploaded the image onto a bunch of stuff onto my Zazzle account.  Since Edgar is PG-13 you'll need to log-in so they know your old enough to see it (they really take their family friendly seriously).  So if you would like to get a T-Shirt, Button, or anything else I've been asked to add it to or came to mind click on the links above.



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New Product this week 9/24/18: Little Women

by Amy Konecny
on September 24, 2018
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Little Women

Little Women an American classic following the lives of the March Sisters...  Okay I'm sure you all know about the book Little Women and if not there is so much on the net about it that me telling you about the story would be, well less amazing than you could read just about anywhere else.  Therefor I'm going to talk about me.  Cause who dose not want to know about me really?   Or at lest the possess involved in designing this bracelet.

I did a bunch of research about the book before starting any of the art.  This is normal and usually brings surprising results and this bracelet's research was true to form.  I needed to represent each sister on a charm encapsulating them in a simple image, when it finally dawned on me that 3 our of 4 of the sisters where artists.  Jo wrote, Beth played the piano, and Amy painted and in the story there art took up a large portion of their minds, hearts, and lives.  How did I not notice this the first dozen time?  Once that was settled it was only Meg and the quote that I needed to figure out and Instagram came to the rescue... well okay one lady on Instagram ct1586.  She gave me the inspiration for Meg's picture and the suggestion for the quote.  She reminded me that Jo was upset that Meg was missing her glove because some guy had taken it.  That is why if you look very closely Meg is missing a glove in her picture.  As for the quote ct1586 gave me several options, but the one that spoke to me was "I'd rather take coffee than complements just now".  Actually I'm not a coffee drinker, but so many people in my life can't function without the magic brew that it just seamed like the right choice blending in a book quote with modern sensibilitys.

Now on the the bead choices and colors.  Once again lot's of research was required to determine the beads and colors.  It took several weeks of looking on Google and thru museum websites, but I got a good handle on what colors where really worn in New England during the Civil War.  With the exception of ball gowns the clothing colors for the most part where muted and a bit on the gray side so I pick colors that looked well together and in the tones and hues of a good many of the examples I could find.  I don't think I saw any one outfit with all 5 of these colors in them, but almost all of the everyday ware that I saw had one of these colors in them.  Plus it's a pretty combination.  As for the beads themselves the choice was partly based on what options I had in the correct colors, but when there where several bead options I got to choose shape based on the book.  So the heart for the loves in the book both romantic and family.  The flowers because it was a story about young women and young women are often referred to as flowers.  Yes I really do over think these things.

Hope you liked this glimpse into the art possess and if you did make sure to head over to my Patreon page.  I post almost everyday and about 50% of the content is available to everyone.  So you can enjoy new art, jewelry, and rambling story's to your hearts content.


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New Product This Week: Crystal Ball Earrings

by Amy Konecny
on August 06, 2018
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 Look into my Crystal Ball

Like many of you the Haunted Mansion effected my way of seeing dark and creepy things so when ever I think of a crystal ball my mind wanders back to when I was a kid and Madame Leota.  Clearly this is not she, but I was strongly influenced by my experiences and the whole creepy, elegant, and fun aspects of that ride.  I did not realize how much I had been affected by Disney until just recently when I went back to the Magic Kingdom and where I had gotten the inspiration for a lot of my art.  Many of the things you would have no clue where I got the inspiration from, but for me it's obvious.  Oh well we are all creatures of our past and for me that past had a lot of fun and good memory's in them.

Okay that's enough of wandering down memory lane.  These earrings are fun and whimsical with just a touch of creepy in them.  And if you are like me and love skulls covered with flowers and glitter, dancing happy skeletons, and all the creepy things with a happy twist, then I hope these earrings make your day.

New Poduct This week 7/30/18: Cheshire Cat

by Amy Konecny
on July 30, 2018
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I'm Not Crazy My Reality is Just Different Than Yours, Earrings

I Love Alice in Wonderland Quotes I mean really love them and my favorite character to quote is the Cheshire cat who is just full of sass.  "I'm Not Crazy My Reality is Just Different than Yours" is one of the Cheshire Cat's quotes and basically sums up my life.  I actually made these earrings months ago, but kept on forgetting to take a picture of them.  oops.

Here is an interesting note about the beads I used for this earring.  The beads are made out of what is know as Hurricane glass.  To create this glass they swirl several colors of glass together making no piece of glass identical to the other.  This means each bead is just a little different witch totally works with this quote and the reason I used this bead.  Over they years I've used a LOT of Hurricane glass, but have restricted it's use to Bracelets.  This is the first pair of earrings that I can remember in 18 years of making jewelry that I thought that I could get away with the earrings not matching and that makes me really happy.

Hope you like the earrings and if you have any thoughts or comments please share them with us.


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New Product 7/16/18: Island Princess

by Amy Konecny
on July 16, 2018
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Island Princess Saves the Day

Finally something new on the website it's been like a month since anything was added.  An Island Princess bracelet.  One of the many things I love about the new (you know not from the 50's) Princesses is that they are independent and capable and don't need a prince to come save them.  Moana saved China, well okay her small kingdom in what is now part of China, but still a real person and totally bad ass.  This Princess/future ruler of her people saved the entire world with a Chicken and self absorbed fallen demigod that she had to basically force to do the right thing.  Now this is a woman we should all aspire to be. 

Now this is the first batch of this bracelet and it's a little special.  The coral colored beads are Real coral.  These beads have been sitting around my studio unused for over 10 year, but I have a vague recollection of having them before I even started my company so they could be more like 20 year old.  Since they are so old I will not be getting more of this bead therefore once it is all used up they will be no more. The second cool bead is the coin shaped bead.  They are made from real shell chips suspended in resin.  These are also beads I've had for awhile not 2 decades, but awhile and I'm unsure if I'll be able to replace them.  The last cool beads are the large hearts.  They are actually Vintage German Acrylic beads witch means they are at least 25 years old and probably not being manufactured anymore.  I said all this to let you know that once the first batch of these bracelets are sold I will have to rework the beads and it will look quite different and frankly just not be as special.  So if you would like to get one of these super special first run bracelets you'll need to get them soon (okay I hope they sell soon that would be super cool).


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New Product This Week 6/18/18: Slobberin

by Amy Konecny
on June 18, 2018
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 Welcome to the School for Mischief and Wizardry. 

Have you been sorted into house Slobberin? Wonderful we have just the bracelet you have been waiting for.  This house is known for finding where all the skeletons are buried and occasionally gnawing on the bones.  If you are inclined to head down the darker path the bracelet features a Bark-Mark.  If you like to keep it on the lighter side it also has an image of a student during their 5th year at  Quidditch Game sporting their House scarf and holding a wand.

Kittendor and Flufflepuff are already up on the website if you are not in house Slobberin.


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Lets Celebrate K-Pop

by Amy Konecny
on May 01, 2018
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It's the top of the month and It's time to feature a something new


This month we are going K-Pop.  If you are a K-Pop fangirl like I am.  You where not be surprised to hear that the peace talks between North and South Korea are partially being credited to K-Pop.  This Fun, Happy and Lively music is sure to put a smile on your face and a wiggle in your booty.  Let everyone know that you are part of the Korean Wave with these fun earrings that proudly proclaim "K-Pop Fangirls Don't Do Calm"



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